Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Today our school had a visit from a Theatre Group. They performed the pantomime "Beauty and the Beast".It was a marvellous show and we really enjoyed it. Some of us will be in the Renmore version of Beauty and the Beast and will be performing in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway at the start of January 2009.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Protest Rally

How do you feel about the edudational changes in the budget?
Did you know that :

  • Class sizes will be increased. This will mean that thousands of children will be in classes of over 30

  • Each shool will only be allowed two English as an Additional Language Teachers irrespective of the number of non English speaking students in the school

  • From Jan 1st there will be no substitute cover for teachers on uncertified sick leave. This will lead to serious disruption in schools as the class(es) of the absent teacher(s) will have to be divided.

  • The free book grant for families with financial difficulties is abolished.
  • Funding for special equipment and library books will not now be given to schools.

  • The Plan for Students with Special Educational Needs has been delayed. This will delay improvements for children with special needs in our school.

In order to voice our disapproval of these changes, parents and teachers in Galway are attending a Protest Rally on Saturday 8th November. We will assemble in Eyre Square at 1:45pm. In the interests of your children, we strongly urge you to attend. Be your child's voice.

There was a great turnout for the protest on Saturday. And a big Thank you to those who attended to support us on this important cause. We were all wrapped up for the march as the weather was awful but that did not lessen the crowd. Lets hope it makes a difference!